Counselling is a form of Talking Therapy.


Talking therapies are support services which involve speaking in confidence to a trained counsellor or mental health professional about your individual struggles.


Currently we are providing talking therapy online or over the telephone.

You will book your online session on a date and time that suits you.


Before your planned session, your counsellor will send you a copy of the counselling contract which will explain how it works. You should sign and return the agreement to Mind Aloud ahead of your online counselling session.


On the day, your counsellor will send you a link which you will click on to take you to your online meeting. When you click on the link, you simply follow the instructions to connect to your counsellor.


When you are connected with your counsellor, you and your counsellor will talk through the counselling contract to ensure you understand the content, in particular regarding confidentiality.

Your counselling sessions

During your first session, you can tell your counsellor what has brought you to counselling. You can take your time and talk about it in your own words. Your counsellor may try to find out a little bit more about you but will mostly be listening. Your counsellor will help you figure out what you want to achieve from counselling and agree some outline goals.


Sessions normally last for 50 minutes, with 10 minutes at the end for review and planning the next session. The sessions are guided by you. You can talk about whatever you want or need to talk about in your session. It's your confidential space and time to explore whatever you want to explore. Your counsellor is trained to listen carefully, to help you make sense of what you're struggling with and to help you find your way to feeling better.


At the end of the session, your counsellor will ask you to go online and book and pay for your next session. We suggest a minimum of six sessions. This gives you chance to build a trusting therapeutic relationship with your counsellor. You and your counsellor will review your progress together every six weeks.

At week six, your counsellor will review your progress with you and agree more sessions if you feel you need them. Reviews are normally every six weeks.

There is no obligation and you can cancel your counselling contract at any time. If you're thinking of ending counselling we really encourage you to discuss this and explore this with your counsellor as this could form an important part of the work you're doing together.

Our promise to you

We will:


  • Provide you with a safe space and time to talk, without judging, diagnosing or trying to fix you

  • Build a trusting therapeutic relationship with you

  • Go at your pace, without trying to rush you

  • Really listen to you and try to understand how things are for you

  • Be guided by you, respecting that only you know what’s best for you and what works for you

  • Help you make sense of things from your frame of reference, not from ours

  • Stand by you, be in your corner while you face up to the hard stuff

  • Help you find ways to process difficult, complicated or scary thoughts and feelings

  • Help you find ways to overcome your difficulties at your pace, in a way that works for you or find ways to help you come to terms with them

  • Help you understand yourself and recognise any unhelpful patterns

  • Help you set goals and find ways to change the things you want to change

  • It's your life, we won't judge or try to change the things you don't want to change

  • Help you to feel ok again, at your pace, in your way, when you're ready to feel ok again