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Anita Turner


Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling 

BACP registration no 377145


Anita Turner

Life’s problems can feel too much sometimes; we can feel overwhelmed, burned out, alone with our problems and not knowing where to turn for help. I’m here to help you work through those overwhelming difficult times.


I help people with issues such as work stress, social anxiety, family or relationship problems, self-confidence, self-esteem, not feeling good enough, feelings of shame, having unwanted thoughts and feelings around anger, self-harm or suicide or not coping with change, loss or bereavement. These feelings can feel unbearable and it can feel like we’re all alone with our problems.


I can help you to get to a place where you feel better about better about your situation, better about yourself and better about life. I offer confidential, one-to-one, person-centred talking therapy. My clients tell me I’m warm, kind and easy to talk to. As well as being respectful, compassionate and open, I also bring humour along with straight talking. I don't make assumptions and I don't judge.

I spend time really listening to you and getting to know you in order to really understand what you're going through. I work with you to identify what you want to achieve from therapy. Guided by you and working at your pace, I help you to make sense of what you are struggling with.


I'm in your corner, helping you face the difficult thoughts and feelings that you’re struggling with, encouraging you to be your authentic self and supporting you every step of the way to get to a better place.

Client Feedback

The following feedback has been kindly provided by clients regarding their experience of counselling with Anita. Reviews are reproduced with the kind consent of the individuals. Names have been changed to protect client anonymity.

I stumbled across Anita at Mind Aloud, when all of a sudden out of nowhere I needed help. Fear and weakness is what I felt when I reached out to Anita for help. But from the first minute of the first session I felt safe, no judgement and trust, the feeling of relief and release after every session was overwhelming and not for one minute did I feel like this was a waste of my time and money. Without Anita's help my life might be very different now, and not for the better. I will always think of the counselling room as my safe place and in the future if I feel that things are going wayward again I will be straight back. I have nothing but praise for Anita, it's a big brave step to admitting you need help but believe me it's the best thing I've done and I will always be forever grateful to Anita.

- Eddie

Lyndsey Jane Kevan

Hello, my name is Lyndsey-Jane and I am extremely pleased to be able to contribute to the Mind Aloud offer. Now more than ever, I feel there is a need to encourage and hold within each other a level of hope and optimism. I think we will all have our tipping point with regards to when or how we may feel overwhelmed, be it momentarily or prolonged, by the magnitude of physical distancing, self-isolation, employment insecurities, family stressors and/or the anxiety of not knowing.

In light of social distancing the world of counselling has had to adapt and thankfully due to the possibilities presented with Skype, WhatsApp and the telephone, confidential sessions can still be held in a place where you feel safe and comfortable.


My approach:

My approach to counselling is always person centred, which means that I trust in your instinct to know, given the right time and space, what’s best for you. That’s right, you do know what’s best! We can sometimes find it more difficult to trust our inner voice, that part of us which perhaps has insight into what’s going on, what we should do or how we really feel, because life is so full of opinions, judgements and expectations, with very little time given to explore some of the relationships we truly have with these things - within ourselves. During our time together we will explore your inner world so that you can come to the right decision for you.


I will not tell what to do, nor give you advice. I will, however, offer suggestions and research informed strategies, in the pursuit of supporting your growth and wellbeing.

I will not promise to make things better! That is because ultimately the extent of your progress rests on more than my skills or influence. There has to be a want, a willingness and equally importantly the ‘ability’ for things to change.

Through listening to you intently I will tune in to your words to enable introspection (looking inwardly for answers), insight (shed light on a problem) and growth, which together can contribute to better decision making, a greater more cohesive sense of self and overall improved mental health.

Whilst I have a wealth of experience of working with young people aged 8 – 25, this does not negate my vast experience of work with adults. I am extremely fortunate in that my varied work experience has equipped me with feeling suitably skilled and comfortable with all ages, with an overall focus of reducing suffering – regardless of age. If you have any concerns, questions or would like to explore with me how we would work together, please contact me. Lastly, I genuinely love my work and honour the bravery, trust and sincerity that it necessitates in those that come for counselling.


BACP Membership: 00951130

Sometimes we also have volunteer counsellors working with us. Our volunteers are students studying at minimum level 4 to become qualified counsellors or they are already qualified to at least a level 4 in Counselling and building up their experience and counselling hours.


All our staff and volunteers belong to a membership body such as the BACP or NCS. That means that we are working in line with our membership body's ethical framework.

All our staff and volunteers undertake monthly supervision, ensuring we are all working ethically with individuals. Staff and volunteers are also supervised in the workplace, working in line with Mind Aloud policies and procedures.

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