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Person Centred Counselling - 2 min read

There are maybe 300 different types of therapy so it can be hard to choose a type of therapy that’s right for you. I’m a BACP registered counsellor, trained in Person Centred Counselling. Person-centred counselling was developed by Carl Rogers, who believed that we’re all born with the innate capacity to solve our own problems. For a more in-depth overview, read my blog.

According to Rogers, stress, anxiety and depression can be triggered by inner conflict. This conflict arises between the version of our self we believe we should be and our ‘real’ self. If the conflict is severe enough, it can create feelings of mental distress, confusion and pain which can soon spiral out of control if not addressed.

Person Centred Counselling can help us to find our inner strength and support us to find the solutions to our problems that are right for us. Person-centred counselling provides the right conditions for helping us to find peace of mind. A person-centred counsellor provides us with a safe, therapeutic space where we can:

  • remove our masks, allow ourselves to be vulnerable

  • trust that we can be ourselves, express ourselves fully without being judged

  • be accepted and respected for who we really are – including the sides of ourselves that we don’t like

  • be treated with empathy and compassion while we struggle to accept those parts of ourselves that we reject

  • learn to accept and love ourselves

  • be accepted and cared for, without conditions - for some, this may be the first time in their lives

  • experience our raw pain, process it, accept it and move forward

  • learn to listen to and respect our inner guide star, our inner compass

  • learn to accept that we have needs, to identify what those are and to find healthy ways of having those needs met

  • find our self-worth and learn to value ourselves

  • be helped and guided to make the changes we want to make, whilst not rejecting the things we value

  • be respectfully challenged, with compassion, to care about ourselves, develop and grow

Reassuringly, you don’t have to make this journey alone. If you feel you need help, our fully qualified, BACP registered counsellor is here to help you.

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